February 6, 1986 "Dear children! This parish, which I have chosen, is special and different from others. And I am giving great graces to all who pray with the heart. Dear children, I am giving the messages first of all to the residents of the parish, and then to all the others. First of all you must accept the messages, and then the others. You shall be answerable to me and my Son, Jesus. Thank you for having responded to my call."1740
Today, also, we went to the place of the apparitions about 6:20pm, and while praying and singing, we waited for the Blessed Virgin. At exactly 6:30pm we saw the light which slowly approached. Then we saw the Blessed Virgin and heard her customary greeting. To our questions, relative to the majority of the sick, the Gospa answered quickly:138
Then we questioned her on the subject of the sign, and the Gospa answered: 152
We were in Fr. Jozo's room. The Gospa did not come. She appeared to us in the church after the prayers of 7 Our Father's, Hail Mary's, and Glory Be's. We asked her why she had not appeared. She answered that she had not appeared because someone had installed something there.556
When must one celebrate the feast of The Queen of Peace? The Blessed Virgin smiled as she answered:706
Just before the anniversary of June 24th, Vicka answered some questions asked by Fr. Tomislav Vlasic, who reported them in the parish Chronicle in June. Our Lady said:842
September 25, 2018 "Dear children! Also nature extends signs of its love to you through the fruits which it gives you. Also, you, by my coming, have received an abundance of gifts and fruits. Little children, how much you have answered to my call, God knows. I am calling you - it is not late - decide for holiness and a life with God, in grace and in peace. God will bless you and give to you a hundred-fold, if you trust in Him. Thank you for having responded to my call."2624
In answer to questions why Mirjana cried and if Our Lady gave any message, the visionary answered:2954
The visionaries: Will you return tomorrow? The apparition answers with a nod of her head.8
Jakov wishes the Blessed Virgin a happy birthday. She answers: 348
The Virgin answers, as usual, questions on the subject of people who are sick or who have disappeared: "Tomo Lovic (an old man) is dead."408
August 02 2018 "Dear children, with a motherly love I am calling you to open hearts to peace; to open hearts to my Son, so that in your hearts love for my Son may sing, because only out of that love peace comes in the soul. My children, I know that you have goodness, I know that you have love - a merciful love, but many of my children still have a closed heart. They think that they can do it without directing their thoughts towards the Heavenly Father who illuminates-towards my Son who is always with you anew in the Eucharist and who desires to listen to you. My children, why do you not speak to Him? The life of each of you is important and precious, because it is a gift from the Heavenly Father for eternity. Therefore, do not ever forget to keep on thanking Him: speak to Him. I know, my children, that what is to come afterwards is unknown to you, but when your hereafter comes you will receive all the answers. My motherly love desires that you be ready. My children, by your life keep putting good feelings in the hearts of the people whom you meet, feelings of peace, goodness, love and forgiveness. Through prayer, hearken to what My Son is saying and act accordingly. Anew, I am calling you to prayer for your shepherds, for those whom my Son has called. Remember that they need prayers and love. Thank you."2932
In anticipation of this day Our Lady had said: 1358
Ivan's diary: How will things go for Anton, Dario, Miljenko, my friends in the seminary, and for me?316
"It is up to you to pray and to persevere. I have made promises to you; also be without anxiety. Faith will not know how to be alive without prayer. Pray more."406
October 11, 1984 "Dear children! Thank you for dedicating all your hard work to God even now when He is testing you through the grapes you are picking. Be assured, dear children that He loves you and, therefore, He tests you. You just always offer up all your burdens to God and do not be anxious. Thank you for having responded to my call."1592
May 25, 1988 "Dear children! I am inviting you to a complete surrender to God. Pray, little children, that satan may not carry you about like the branches in the wind. Be strong in God. I desire that through you the whole world may get to know the God of joy. By your life bear witness for God's joy. Do not be anxious nor worried. God himself will help you and show you the way. I desire that you love all men with my love. Only in that way can love reign over the world. Little children, you are mine. I love you and want you to surrender to me so that I can lead you to God. Never cease praying so that satan cannot take advantage of you. Pray for the knowledge that you are mine. I bless you with blessings of joy. Thank you for having responded to my call."1892
Would you be angry if we would not return any longer to the hill, but we would wait in the church? "Always at the same time. Go in the peace of God."102
"Praise be Jesus. You are not to ask me any more questions on the subject of the sign. Do not be afraid, it will surely appear. I carry out my promises. As far as you are concerned, pray, persevere in prayer."460
"Do not ask me any more questions! I know what there is in each sick person, or what there is in my power to help him. I will pray to my Son to put out His mercy on each one."754
"Let her believe firmly. God, who comes to help everyone, will likewise help her. Be patient, my angels, do not be afraid of anything. I am at your side and guard you. If you have any problems, whatever it be, call me. I will come immediately and help you in advising you on best resolving the difficulty. Go in peace, my angels. Goodbye."780
"I have come to call the world to conversion for the last time. Later, I will not appear any more on this earth."818
With respect to the little visionaries from Lzbicno, which is located 36 miles from Medjugorje: In 1982-83, 18 persons, mostly females, said they received apparitions. The visionaries from Medjugorje were said to have received kind words from those in Lzbicno, but the Blessed Virgin reminded them strongly, that they must not have any contact with these persons, nor invite them to Medjugorje.836
"Now you will have to turn to God in faith like any other person. I will appear to you on the day of your birthday and when you will experience difficulties in life. Mirjana, I have chosen you, I have confided in you everything that is essential. I have also shown you many terrible things. You must now bear it all with courage. Think of Me, and think of the tears I must shed for that. You must remain courageous. You have quickly grasped the messages. You must also understand now that I have to go away. Be courageous."960
"Men who go to Hell no longer want to receive any benefit from God. They do not repent nor do they cease to swear and to blaspheme. They make up their mind to live in Hell and do not at all contemplate leaving it."992
"If it is so, then do not go against it so as not to provoke any quarrels. If it is possible, talk about it tomorrow among yourselves. All of you come to an agreement beforehand."1054
"There are many Christians who are no longer faithful, because they do not pray anymore. Have them begin again to recite each day, at least, 7 Our Father's, 7 Hail Mary's, 7 Glory Be's, and the Creed. Above all, abstain from certain television programs. They represent a great peril for your families. After you have seen them, you cannot pray any more. Give up likewise, alcohol, cigarettes, and pleasure of this kind."1138
"Pray, pray, pray! It is only with prayer that you will be able to avoid Ivan's error. He should not have written. And after that had to clearly acknowledge it, so as not to plant any doubts."1430
May 10, 1984 Many of the faithful felt shaken by the last message of Our Lady. Some had the feeling that Our Lady would not give any more messages to the parish, but this evening she said: "I am speaking to you and I wish to speak further. You just listen to my instructions!"1548
May 24, 1984 "Dear children! I have told you already that I have chosen you in a special way, just the way you are. I, the Mother, love you all. And in any moment that is difficult for you, do not be afraid because I love you even then when you are far from me and my Son. Please, do not let my heart weep with tears of blood because of the souls who are lost in sin. Therefore, dear children, pray, pray, pray! Thank you for having responded to my call."1552
November 25, 1989 "Dear children! I am inviting you for years by these messages which I am giving you. Little children, by means of the messages I wish to make a very beautiful mosaic in your hearts, so I may be able to present each one of you to God like the original image. Therefore, little children, I desire that your decisions be free before God, because He has given you freedom. Therefore pray, so that, free from any influence of satan, we may decide only for God. I am praying for you before God and I am seeking your surrender to God. Thank you for responding to my call."1932
March 25, 1991 "Dear children! Again today I invite you to live the passion of Jesus in prayer, and in union with Him. Decide to give more time to God who gave you these days of grace. Therefore, dear children, pray and in a special way renew the love for Jesus for in your hearts. I am with you and I accompany you with my blessing any my prayers. Thank you for having responded to my call."1964
October 25, 1992 "Dear children! I invite you to prayer now when satan is strong and wishes to make as many souls as possible his own. Pray, dear children, and have more trust in me because I am here in order to help you and to guide you on a new path toward a new life. Therefore, dear little children, listen and live what I tell you because it is important for you when I shall not be with you any longer that you remember my words and all that I told you. I call you to begin to change your life from the beginning and that you decide for conversion not with words but with your life. Thank you for having responded to my call."2002
In answer to questions why Mirjana cried and if Our Lady gave any message, the visionary answered:2954
"Dear children! Already for many years as a Mother, I have been teaching you faith and God's love. You have not shown gratitude to the dear Father nor have you given him glory. You have become empty and your heart has become hard and without love toward your neighbors' sufferings. I am teaching you love and showing you that the dear Father loved you but you have not loved Him. He sacrificed his Son for your salvation, my children. As long as you do not love, you will not know your Father's love. You won't get to know him because God is love. Love and don't be afraid, my children, because there is no fear in love. If your hearts are open to the Father and if they are full of love toward him, then why any fear of what is to come? Those who are afraid are the ones who do not love because they are waiting for punishments and because they know how empty and hard they are. Children, I am leading you to love, to the dear Father. I am leading you to eternal life. Eternal life is my Son. Receive him and you have received love."2960
"Do not be afraid of the militia. Do not provoke anybody. Be polite with everybody."542
"There are many Christians who are no longer faithful, because they do not pray anymore. Have them begin again to recite each day, at least, 7 Our Father's, 7 Hail Mary's, 7 Glory Be's, and the Creed. Above all, abstain from certain television programs. They represent a great peril for your families. After you have seen them, you cannot pray any more. Give up likewise, alcohol, cigarettes, and pleasure of this kind."1138
"May the priests help you because I have entrusted to you a heavy burden, and I suffer from your difficulties. Ivan did not make a big mistake. I have sufficiently reprimanded him for the error. It is not necessary to scold him anymore."1440
To Vicka: "If you agree to it, I will not appear to you anymore for 50 days."1512
"Do not give advice to anyone. I know what you feel and that will pass, also."236
"There are a few similar faithful. He is made a sufficient number of sacrifices for Jozo. He underwent many torments and sufferings. Continue, and do not let anyone take the faith away from you."430
Vicka's diary: Mirjana arrives from Sarajevo, where she is studying at a professional school, and where she has had daily apparitions. Vicka reports: The Gospa advises as an attentive mother would. She tells Mirjana twice who she must distrust, which persons to avoid, how to conduct herself with those who reproach her, and insult God. She also tells her to break a relationship with a girl who wanted to get her into drugs, and not to quarrel with anyone, and to answer a point when it is useful, or to remain silent and go on her way when that is better. She tells her also that Fr. Jozo will not spend more than four years in prison. She was happy because all five of us were together.488
"Pray each day the Veni Creator Spiritus (Come Holy Spirit) and the Angelus. God has given each one the will to decide for himself. My wish is for all to be converted, but I do not want to force anyone."1286
"My dear child, today is our last meeting, do not be sad. I will return to see you at each anniversary of the first apparition (June 25), beginning next year. Dear child, do not think that you have done anything bad, and that this would be the reason why I'm not returning near to you. No, it is not that. With all your heart you have accepted the plans which my Son and I formulated, and you have accomplished everything. No one in the world has had the grace which you, your brothers and sisters have received. Be happy because I am your Mother and I love you from the bottom of my heart. Ivanka, thank you for the response to the call of my Son, thank you for persevering and remaining always with Him as long as He will ask you. Dear child, tell all your friends that my Son and I are always with them when they call on us. What I have told you during these years on the secrets, do not speak to anyone about them."1456
April 30, 1984 (Monday) Marija asked Our Lady: Dear Madonna, why didn't you give me a message for the parish on Thursday? Our Lady replied: "I do not wish to force anyone to do that which he/she neither feels nor desires, even though I had special messages for the parish by which I wanted to awaken the faith of every believer. But only a really small number has accepted my Thursday messages. In the beginning there were quite a few. But it's become a routine affair for them. And now recently some are asking for the message out of curiosity, and not out of faith and devotion to my Son and me."1546
July 31, 1986 "Dear children! Hatred gives birth to dissensions and does not regard anyone or anything. I call you always to bring harmony and peace. Especially, dear children, in the place where you live, act with love. Let your only instrument always be love. By love turn everything into good which satan desires to destroy and possess. Only that way shall you be completely mine and I shall be able to help you. Thank you for having responded to my call."1790
"My dear child, today is our last meeting, but do not be sad because I will come to you on every anniversary except this one. My child, do not think that you have done something wrong, and that's why I no longer come. No, this isn't true. The plan which my Son and I have, you accepted with all your heart and completed your part. Be happy because I am your mother and I love you with all my heart. Ivanka, thank you for having responded to the invitation of my Son and for persevering and for always being close to Him and staying until He had completed that for which He asked of you. My child, tell your friends that both I and my Son will always be there for you when you seek or call us. That which I told you during these years about the secrets, it is still not time to tell anyone. Ivanka, the grace which you and the others received, nobody on this earth has received up until now!"3102