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My Sweet Angels


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Copyright, Zupni Ured Medjugorje

Learn About the Miraculous testimonies of the initial days of Medjugorje, which until now have never been revealed, but have been veiled withing the hearts of the seers; About Father Jozo Zovko and his parishioners for the past twenty years, in the documentary film "My Sweet Angels!"

Explore with us the secrets of the shining, mystical light, which in 1981, illuminated a Medjugorje enveloped in spiritual darkness during the oppressive, hard times of communism

Despite being persecuted by the authorities, despite being rejected by certain elements of the Church, and notwithstanding the devastation suffered by the region in the subsequent war, Our Lady of Medjugorje continues to disseminate the word and the work of God for the third millennium - new man converted in the spirit of love and peace for people the world over.

Written and directed by: Dea Boic