Welcome to Basic Croatian 101


Even though most Croatian's speak English (some better than us Americans), we have put together some useful Croatian words and phrases to help those traveling to Croatia or Bosna-Hercegovina. Click the link next to each vowel, word, or phrase to hear how is sounds. We hope that these "basics" will help you to communicate more effectively while you are there.

Croatian is the official language of Croatia, and is written phonetically so once you learn the way each letter is said and sounds, you will be able to read and pronounce words.

Vowels - The vowels are pronounced the same way as in the Spanish language.

Aa - a  as in father
Ee - e  as in Elephant
Ii - ee  as in eel
Oo - O  as in Only
Uu - oo  as in zoo


Aa -  a as in Father
Bb -  b as in Butter
Cc -  ts as in pots
Cc - ch as in Chair
Cc -  tu as in posture almost like Ch
Dd -  d as in dog
Dd -  dj as in fudge
DŽ dž -  like the G sound in Jury
Ee -  e as in pet
Ff -  F as in Fit
Gg -  G as in Get
Hh -  H as in Hot
Ii -  ee as in eel or ea as in Eagle
Jj -  J as in Yes
Kk -  K as in Kite
Ll -  l as in Lost
Lj -  lj ly as in Brilliant
Mm -  M as in Mint
Nn -  N as in Never
Nj -  nj ny as in Onion
Oo -  O as in Open
Pp -  P as in Paul
Rr -  The R can also be a Vowel and is rolled as in Spanish
Ss -  S as in Sam
Ss -  Sh as in ship
Tt -  T as in Tin
Uu -  oo as in zoo
Vv -  v as in velvet
Zz -  z as in zoo
Zz -  zh as in pleasure


Click on a word below to obtain the sound.

Below, the phrase; Ja sam, means, I am.  All we need to do is put Ja sam, together with other words and we're able to communicate and get a point across.  The links are feminine, for masculin, you the last word. ie. instead of gladna, you would use gladan.

I am
I am hungry fem/masc
I am thirsty
I am tired
I am lost
I am sick
I am cold

Ja sam
Ja sam gladna/gladan
Ja sam zedna/zedan
Ja sam umorna/umoran
Ja sam izgubljena
Ja sam bolesna
Ja sam hladna

English = Hrvatski

How are you?
Kako Ste?

Fine Thank you, and you?
Dobro Hvala, a vi?

Good Morning
Dobro Jutro

Good Afternoon
Dobar Dan

Good Evening
Dobar Vecer

Good night
Laku noc

Pleased to meet you
Drago mi je

Thank you

Your welcome

Good, alright, fine

Don't mention it
Nema na cemu


Good Bye
Do Vidjenja.

Last Modified 01/21/2010