What is a Pilgrimage

A pilgrimage differs from a tour in several important ways. It is a personal invitation from God, comprised of His offer and dependent upon the pilgrim’s acceptance. God’s call may vary but the purpose remains consistent: It is an individual summons to know God more fully. A pilgrimage is a spiritual journey to which the pilgrim joyfully responds “yes” to God’s invitation.

Although in previous centuries many trials were intrinsic to a pilgrimage, the modern pilgrim has an abundance of affordable travel options, yet the purpose remains unchanged. It is a journey to a holy, sacred place to usher the pilgrim into the presence of God.

The pilgrim must embark on this journey with joyful anticipation, being willing temporarily to separate himself or herself from the world and to offer himself or herself in humble service to another. A successful pilgrimage involves a commitment to leave behind one’s problems and to focus instead on seeking to learn more about our heavenly Father, making one’s heart full of desire for special graces, praises, petitions and thanksgiving, returning home transformed, renewed and restored by the abundant blessings received.

A pilgrimage is a time of prayer and to witness the miraculous signposts God has left for our return to Him. Ask God to bless you with a heart that will be receptive to the treasure chest of graces He desires to shower upon your pilgrimage. The success of your spiritual journey will depend upon your openness, faith, flexibility, and love.


Medjugorje Web Pilgrimages is pleased you have chosen us to accompany you on your pilgrimage. We are committed to do all we can to ensure that your pilgrimage is something you will remember and cherish your entire life. Our goal is to assist our pilgrims in their quest to draw closer to Jesus through Mary, by arranging a beautiful and spiritual pilgrimage for you.


For large or small groups, we will work with you to design a unique and memorable pilgrimage. Pilgrimages are ideal for family reunions, church groups, youth groups, student groups, class reunions, senior citizens, singles, interest groups, neighbors, couples or anyone seeking the spiritual refreshment that only a pilgrimage can provide. Simply choose the most desirable departure date from our trip page. For further details and incentives, please call us at 815 748 0410, and we will be happy to guide you through each step. And remember, if you don't find dates you like, tell us and we'll gladly customize a pilgrimage to accommodate your requirements (minimum of 20). We will even design a custom flyer to help you promote your group.



Since the time of Adam, God has spoken to His saints and prophets by means of visions, dreams, and inner voices. Miraculous events are common occurrences in the worlds of the Old and New Testaments and the lives of the saints are especially marked by this divine favor. God's request that His servants go on pilgrimage is first mentioned in Genesis when Abraham left for Canaan. Jacob received a similar request and the Jewish people’s exodus from Egypt was another example. After Solomon, the Israelites were required to make a journey to the sanctuary at least once a year. Fulfilling the law, the Holy Family made this annual journey as well. Their pilgrimage is recalled in Luke 2:41-47 when Jesus was discovered missing during the Passover trip to Jerusalem.

But in our own time, the Eternal Father seems to be calling upon ordinary people. The last century, in particular, was rich in numerous appearances of the Blessed Virgin Mary; and Jesus Himself is said to have spoken to a few of the seers. The Lord's messages remind us that Jesus has been offended by humanity’s sin against His Sacred Heart. His Blessed Mother, Mary calls humanity to prayer, repentance, conversion, peace, and a renewed devotion to the sacraments, especially the Eucharist and Confession. Our Lady’s messages implore a return to her Son as she lovingly reminds us of the endless mercy and love which are available to all.

Last Modified 01/20/2010