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The purpose of The Medjugorje Web™ is to provide information about one of the most important religious events since the time of Jesus Christ. Medjugorje has dramatically changed the lives of literally millions of people since 1981, and it is vital that this information is made available to everyone. It is then up to the reader how he or she acts on this information. The messages given by Our Lady to the world are powerful, simple, and direct. Her mission is to bring peace to the world and turn/return as many souls as possible back to her Son Jesus.


The Medjugorje Web™ contains over 4000 documents of information specifically about Medjugorje. We work directly with the parish of Medjugorje and offer only accurate information that is in accordance with the desires and directives of the pastor there, as well as in strict accordance and obedience to the Holy See.

In compliance with the 1991 Zadar declaration, and in accordance and obedience to the Catholic Church, we wish to state that these apparitions have not been formally approved by the Church. We humbly submit ourselves to any findings or pronouncements of the Church.


The Facilitator/Webmaster of the Medjugorje Web is: Steve Shawl -

We appreciate your comments and suggestions. If you have an idea which you think would improve the content or layout of this Web Site, send me your comments at the above Email address.

For anyone interested, here is an interview Ana and I did in Medjugorje with Lidija Paris from the Information Center: Interview

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